Source code for joule.client.filter_module

import asyncio
import logging

from . import base_module
from joule import errors

[docs]class FilterModule(base_module.BaseModule):
[docs] async def setup(self, parsed_args, app, inputs, outputs): """ Configure the module, executes before :meth:`run` Args: parsed_args: app: inputs: outputs: Returns: """ pass
[docs] async def run(self, parsed_args, inputs, outputs): """ This method must be implemented. It should run in a loop, if it returns the module stops. Args: parsed_args: parsed command line arguments, configure with :meth:`joule.BaseModule.custom_args` inputs: pipe connections to input streams indexed by name (specified in the module configuration file). outputs: pipe connections to output streams indexed by name (specified in the module configuration file). .. code-block:: python class ModuleDemo(FilterModule): def run(self, parsed_args, inputs, outputs): raw = inputs["raw"] filtered = outputs["filtered"] # this filter just passes the input through to the output while(not self.stop_requested): data = await await filtered.write(data) raw.consume(len(data)) #... other module code """ assert False, "implement in child class" # pragma: no cover
async def run_as_task(self, parsed_args, app, loop) -> asyncio.Task: try: (pipes_in, pipes_out) = await self._build_pipes(parsed_args) except errors.ApiError as e: logging.error(str(e)) return loop.create_task(asyncio.sleep(0)) await self.setup(parsed_args, app, pipes_in, pipes_out) return loop.create_task(, pipes_in, pipes_out))