Software Installation

Images and installation disks are available at
The software can also be installed with Puppet:
Command Line:
$> sudo apt-get update $> sudo apt-get install puppet git $> git clone $> cd puppet $> sudo puppet apply --modulepath=./modules --verbose site.pp

Once the system is installed visit http://docs.wattsworth.local on your machine to view this documentation locally.

The Lumen visualization interface is available at http://wattsworth.local with e-mail [admin@wattsworth.local] and password [password]. These credentials should be changed from the account settings page.

The Wattsworth stack is compatible with any Debian-flavor Linux with systemd and Python 3.5 or greater and has been specifically tested on the following platforms:

  • RaspberryPi 2
  • RaspberryPi 3
  • Beagle Bone Black
  • Intel NUC
  • Amazon EC2
Disk images and installers are available here

Ready to Go?

Start here to begin collecting data with Joule.

Start here to begin visualizing your data with Lumen.